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Console 2.1.2 update

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

This release includes an integration for Microsoft Azure IoT Hub. Microsoft had requested an integration with Console based on feedback from their customers. In addition, the team made usability updates based on community feedback, and enhanced device APIs.

Release notes

Microsoft Integration

Feature requests or issues post here:

Performance update

As mentioned in a previous post network performance has suffered due to the exponential growth of the network:

The state channels work needed to resolve the choke points has been completed and is currently being tested (anticipated release next week). In addition, a third-party provider will host a Console instance to offload network traffic related to the Hotspot Discovery Mode feature which makes up a significant amount of traffic. This is also anticipated to happen in the coming weeks. Both of these updates are designed to significantly improve network performance and address the issues that are currently resulting in data transfer delays or drops affecting uplinks, downlinks, and joins.

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