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Helium Data Credit Portal

Simplifying Access to the Helium Network

The Helium Network is rapidly gaining popularity and becoming more accessible for companies building IoT applications, and some companies are gradually adapting to the use of cryptocurrency for these applications.

However, outdated evolving accounting practices and/or corporate policies about holding tokens on their books can hinder some organizations that wish to utilize the global connectivity offered by the network.

Fortunately, Sphere’s Helium Data Credit Portal provides a solution to bridge this gap and simplify the purchase of Data Credits without needing to deal with HNT.

The Helium Data Credit Portal is a user-friendly platform that provides a seamless and accessible way for teams to obtain Data Credits, a requirement to transmit data and use the Helium network.

This platform, developed and operated by Sphere, benefits from the composability and speed of the Solana blockchain.

By converting a credit card USDC purchase into HNT and immediately burning it to create Data Credits, the platform enables businesses to immediately delegate Data Credits to their applications on the IOT or MOBILE network in seconds.

The Helium Data Credit Portal is designed to support LoRaWAN Network Server operations on the IOT network and Service Provider operations on the MOBILE Network.

With its user-friendly payment process, users can pay for Data Credits using a credit card and receive an invoice, making it a convenient and recognizable experience for those needing Data Credits for their projects while complying with corporate policies allowing credit card billing for SaaS products.

You can use this tool and start using the Helium Network today at


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