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The 5G Tipping Point

This announcement comes less than 6 months ago when Helium 5G was approved by the community. Starting in September, FreedomFi began shipping the first batch of compatible gateways to consumers across the US with an incredible backlog of demand. By the end of 2022, FreedomFi predicts Helium 5G could span over 40,000 small cells, making it larger than many small cell networks to date.

We’re also seeing partners like GigSky introduce the first mobile plan on Helium 5G and a significant increase in network providers and MVNOs wanting to offer roaming on the Helium Network to their own customer base, including Fortune 500 companies with IoT deployments such as Volvo and Cisco to consumers with compatible 5G phones.

The partnership with DISH is a monumental moment for The People’s Network and a tipping point on the path to 5G. With this announcement, we’re thrilled to welcome DISH to the ecosystem as we work together to push the bounds of what’s possible on Helium 5G. Read the news and stay tuned for more developments on this partnership.

Read the blog by Amir:

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