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Proof-of-Coverage Update

All information below has been taken directly from the Official Helium Community Discord server.

The core team believes they have a good handle on the missing receipts and will be issuing several changes this week.

Things we found (with the help of technical community, thanks BigEnigma!)

• The Proof-of-Coverage logic has versioning built in. BigEnigma found that the versioning (and thus challenger targeting) was mismatched between ledgers. This is also contributing to receipt timing issues and receipts coming in out of order.

Receipts out of order and the versioning mismatch can cause a number of proof-of-coverage receipts to be dropped, Hotspots not credited for their work, and leads to lowered Hotspot earnings.

This will be fixed in a Validator Release and is in review.

• When a hex is targeted for a Proof-of-Coverage challenge, the logic is backwards. It is currently selecting 14 witnesses first, then filtering for inactive (aka offline) Hotspots, often leading to <14 Witnesses per challenge. The fix is to filter for inactive Hotspots first, then selecting 14 witnesses.

Wen fix? These changes will be in a Validator Release, so once we have a release candidate and an activation date set, we’ll let the community know.

Light Hotspot Chain Syncing - wen off?

• The core team will be releasing a new Hotspot release this week for Makers that will re-enable mux. There is a small bug that the team is investigating when chain sync is turned off, but once this bug is squashed, we can turn off chain syncing.

• Our target for this no later than next week.

Some Hotspots on the Denylist earning? What’s going on?

• With the help of community, we've identified a Validator Operator with custom configuration overrides that is not able to pick up the Denylist list. The operator has been informed and will be fixing this in the next week or so.

• Hotspots that use Validators serviced by this Validator Operator will not be able to exclude Denylist Hotspots participating in proof-of-coverage, leading to some Denylisted Hotspots earning.

Hotspot Flatlining

• Core team has recently found a new cause of flatlines. We have an engineer assigned to dig a bit more and if there's a fix, I'll let community know.

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