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Proof-of-Coverage Rate Improvements Next Week

Here's a quick update directly quoted from the Official Helium Community Discord. Hello Helium Community

First, thanks for everyone remaining patient with the team as we work on resolving the issue with Validators builds (through no fault of Validator operators). We have a build ready to go so it's full steam ahead.

We have released a new Validator build today which means on Monday June 27 (exact timing tbd), we will activate a chain variable for H3Dex that has two improvements related to Proof-of-Coverage:

1. Updates HIP15/17 values so that Hotspot in less-dense areas are not starved of rewards. Keep in mind that PoC selection is still random, so any improvements (in terms of earnings) can take a while (days++) to see.

2. A fix that should see more PoC receipts coming in per block. Currently, 250 Challenges go out per block and about 170-180 receipts come back per block. At this rate, the average Hotspot beacons every 3-4 days. Once the fix is in, Hotspots may beacon more frequently than the average 3-4 days, but we will have to wait and see how well this works once activated. The goal is to get as close to 250 receipts back, instead of 170-180 we get today.

I will be back on Monday when we activate the chain variable. Talk to everyone soon!

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