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PoCv11 Re-activation Update - Early Next Week

"All, We've made the decision to defer the PoCv11 release to Monday or Tuesday next week. We're working through some potential performance related issues we'd like to look into before we do the reactivation.

We'll have a more specific timeline on Monday morning PT. Couple of reasons for this:

1. We're about to do another mandatory miner/Hotspot firmware release. This one will include some really important libp2p fixes that should hopefully (in conjunction with some seed changes) help address a lot of the not_found errors folks are seeing and peerbook stale issues.

This is a constant game of whack-a-mole but we really do want to get the network to be healthier here. Doing this alongside PoCv11 changes may create some confounding impact on the network and make it difficult for us to monitor any potential issues.

2. It's late in the week and a chain variable release tomorrow (with 1 of the core team members offline) seems like a bad idea before a weekend.

Thanks again for the patience and expect an update shortly on the new miner/Hotspot firmware release. Blog and discord announcements coming."

Source: Official Helium Discord

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