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PoCv11 Activation: Dec 13 @ 10 AM PT

After a week or so of stable block production and witness receipt rate at an all time high, the core developers and the DeWi MOC are comfortable with setting a date to activate PoCv11 again.

Due to some lack of availability of community and core team this week, we will be issuing the chain variables to activate PoCv11 on Monday, December 13 around 10:00 AM PT / 18:00 PM UTC.

Please ensure that your Hotspots are correctly asserted with the correct location and antenna gain. Most manufacturers have provided suitable defaults for their stock antennas. As a reminder, antenna height is not a requirement at this time and no other parameters will be activated on Monday.

Future HIPs and governance actions by the community may enable features like witness decay, maximum witness distance, etc. but until then, these features will remain turned off.

Thanks all! See you next week.

Source: Official Helium Community Discord

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