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Not seeing your newly added Hotspot’s hexagon in the app? Here’s why:

The team had to downgrade tileserver (a service that generates hexagons for the app by querying the API for newly added Hotspots) over the weekend to resolve the app crash issue.

This older tileserver is unable to run its scheduled job effectively due to the network size. When it can’t run the schedule job, it can’t get a list of newly added Hotspots to generate the hexagon. This means newly added Hotspots won’t have a hexagon assigned to it, which is why it doesn’t appear in the map when using the mobile app.

The team is working on bringing the functionality back to the app but it won’t be until next week at the earliest. We'll provide an update when this is back.

In the meantime, uses the new tileserver, and those hexagons are regularly updated.

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