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Chain Variable: State Channel Grace Period Increase

The core developers are preparing the following chain variable to allow State Channel closers a longer grace period to close their channels before Hotspots.

- sc_grace_blocks: 5

The State Channel Grace Period (number of blocks a state channel operator can be late in closing their state channels) was reduced to 1 to help mitigate the State Channel related outage in November.

When the closer is late (misses the grace period), Hotspots will try to close the State Channel and claim their rewards but they only have partial State Channel summary information. Increasing the Grace Period will address this issue and also reduce the inconsistency some are seeing with on-chain reporting of Data Transfer.

Side note: For those who are also interested about LoRaWAN regions / PoCv11 related variables, we will be updating them next week now that Validators have mostly upgraded to 1.6.2 to include some crucial performance updates. This variable today should give us a good sense of how those performance updates are working.

The core developers and community members will continue to monitor the chain and Validator / Hotspot performance after today's variable is released.


We plan on releasing this chain variable a little after 00:00 UTC / 4:00pm PT (after the next Consensus Group is elected and starts producing blocks) and will update this post with an Audit link when the Consensus Group accepts it.

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