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Chain Sync Off: Light Hotspot Firmware

A very quick update from Official Helium Community Discord:

Hotspot Owners: Chain Sync Off is here!

The core team has released a new Hotspot image for Hotspot Makers to deploy to their fleets.

This update will turn off blockchain sync and enable data packet routing through the Light Hotspot firmware.

For @Validator operators, this means that each Hotspot will make 3 connections to a Validator to receive chain information. If at any time Validator Operators see a spike in memory usage similar to the last time we tried to do this, please let us know.

As usual, Hotspot Makers will deploy this update to Hotspot over-the-air and will take a few days. No action is required for Hotspot owners as long as the Hotspot is powered on and connected to the Internet.

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