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Blockchain Halted: Validator Update

The blockchain has halted due to a bottleneck related to large number of transactions. This outage impacts PoCs, challenges, etc.

While the blockchain is halted the team is putting the API into maintenance mode. The API can still be used to check pending transactions, however, all new transactions will fail including those submitted from the wallet (for example, payment, add hotspot, assert location, transfer hotspot, etc).

Hotspots may continue to be offline after block production resumes and we will need to cut an emergency release for Hotspot firmware after a snapshot has been agreed upon by the Consensus Group.

The core developers have released Validator v1.5.0 and are now waiting on Validators in the Consensus Group to upgrade, come online, and start producing blocks. This process usually takes a little time as the Consensus Group starts to connect to each other and maintain connections for passing signatures.

It may take a few hours before block production resumes.

In the meantime, some of the core team will be going offline while others stay online to monitor block production. We have tagged an updated version of blockchain-node, blockchain-etl, and router. Please upgrade to these latest versions as soon as possible as once block production resumes, they will be able to start syncing again.

Again, Hotspots will need to wait on a chain-blessed snapshot before we can issue a new firmware release. It'll likely be about 5 hours after block production resumes. Until then, PoC activity and Data Transfer will remain affected. Thank you again for your patience.

Source: Official Helium Community Discord

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