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2021 Noble Awards Winners Announced!

The Helium community has become the largest decentralized force, putting ownership over connectivity into the hands of the people and deploying nearly 440,000 Hotspots globally. With a rapidly growing Ecosystem, you can now begin to imagine the power of sovereignty for all wireless infrastructure powering connectivity, from LoRaWAN to 5G, and protocols yet to come on the Helium Network.

To celebrate the biggest year yet for the community, Helium launched the very first Helium Noble Awards. As part of the awards, users had a chance to have their say by nominating their favorite Hotspots, new devices, applications, integrations, HIPs, content creators, and community members.

Thanks to the thousands of responses we received, the community has spoken and the time has come to reveal the winners. So, without further ado, here are the 2021 winners 🎈 that helped take the Helium Network to new heights this year.

Favourite Hotspot

Are you a Bobber? The Bobcat Miner 300 is the most onboarded Hotspot and has now made its way home to nearly 150,000 globally.

1st Place 🏆: Bobcat Miner 300

2nd Place 🥈: SenseCAP M1

3rd Place 🥉: MNTD. Blackspot/Goldspot Miner

Favourite HIP

HIPs don’t lie. You approved them, and you showed up to vote for the best HIPs. The Helium community’s favorite proposal is HIP 20, the now-implemented max supply of 223M $HNT.

1st Place 🏆: HIP 20: Max Supply for $HNT

2nd Place 🥈: HIP 19: Third-Party Manufacturers

3rd Place 🥉: HIP 25: Validators

Favourite Use Case

Asset tracking navigates its way into first place as the favorite use case 📍.

1st Place 🏆: Asset Tracking

2nd Place 🥈: Smart Drone Delivery

3rd Place 🥉: Air Quality Monitoring

Favourite Device

A wide range of use cases, including environmental monitoring, asset tracking, and home and business security round out the top three devices.

1st Place 🏆: SenseCAP’s Wireless Soil Moisture & Temperature Sensor

2nd Place 🥈: Invoxia LongFi Tracker

3rd Place 🥉: Dragino LDS02 Door Sensor

Favourite Console Integration

Google Sheets excels as this year’s favorite Helium Console Integration 📊.

1st Place 🏆: Google Sheets

2nd Place 🥈: Helium Cargo

3rd Place 🥉: AWS IoT Core

Favourite Community App

Hotspotty has taken off with usage from over 100,000 community members. Now, it’s clear. Hotspotty is this year’s favorite for Hotspot planning, optimization, rewards, and collaboration 🙌.

1st Place 🏆: Hotspotty

2nd Place 🥈:

3rd Place 🥉: HotspotRF

Most Valuable Community Member

Thanks, Nik Hawks (AKA Gristle King) for all that you do in supporting other Helium community members. Congrats on becoming the most valuable Community Member of 2021 🌟!

Winner 🏆: Gristle King

Favourite Helium Content Creator

His content on YouTube has inspired tens of thousands to purchase their first Hotspots. Thanks for your dedication to making some of the best Helium content on YouTube, Drew 🏆!

Winner 🏆: VoskCoin

What excites you the most about The People's Network in 2022?

The growth of the Helium Network in 2021 was second to none, starting from just over 14,000 Hotspots at the beginning of January and now standing just shy of 450,000. It’s left to the imagination where the Network will be a year from now.

Winner 🏆: The Growth of the Helium Network

Thank you to all who participated 🙌.

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