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2 Million Sensors by 2023?

If barriers to IoT adoption could be boiled down to a single word, it very well may be “complexity.” Jeroen Goos and Marco Sprenkels would no doubt agree, having co-founded Techtenna as a solution to that very problem.

As a high-density LoRaWAN network operator with headquarters in the Netherlands, Techtenna guarantees connection and simplifies end-to-end IoT solutions for companies like Honeywell and Brabant Water.

A vast offering of verticals, including water utilities, agriculture, and smart cities, often requires partnership and Techtenna is no stranger to collaboration. Past and present partners have included HACCP risk management solutions for restaurants, TRAK365 for LoRaWAN wireless device manufacturing, and Verbruiksoverzicht for energy consumption data.

A Sensor-Centric Network Operator

Techtenna brings expertise as well as usage to The People’s Network. Jeroen has been active in the LoRaWAN space since 2015 and was heavily involved in building Wireless Things Belgium. After often observing customers balk at the technical knowledge required for IoT deployments, Techtenna was born.

In fulfilling this aim, Techtenna occupies a unique space as a sensor-centric network operator — a position that Helium perfectly supplements. When it comes to sensor deployments, The People’s Network ensures affordable and ubiquitous coverage. In other cases, it acts as a roaming network to reinforce Techtenna’s own offering.

Building out the Network

The numbers speak for themselves: Techtenna and its customers have already brought an excess of 100 Hotspots and plan to deploy over 2 million sensors by 2023 in verticals such as:

  • Smart Water Metering. Companies such as Honeywell, Brabant Water, and Verbruiksoverzicht work with Techtenna to deploy sensors that give insight into water consumption for better-informed waste reduction strategies.

  • Smart Cities. There are endless examples of how IoT and network connectivity can make cities smarter and more responsive to local needs. Techtenna works with Breda, Tillburg, and Wireless Things Belgium to install sensors for smart buildings, broken streetlights, full bins, and more.

  • Forest Conservation. Entities like Landstad de Baronie and Natuurmonumenten work with Techtenna to get instant insights into visitor behavior in forests with people counters and presence metering.

  • Smart Agriculture. IoT sensors are an obvious complement to agricultural management with their long battery life and extensive data capabilities. Techtenna allows companies such as Trak365 to make use of LoRaWAN data for a more resilient future.

To enable these use cases, the Helium community provides coverage and is subsequently rewarded. This mutually beneficial relationship is what drives success for users in ecosystems like Techtenna — and it wouldn’t be possible without you, The People’s Network.

For those interested in learning more about Techtenna and getting involved, visit and register for The Uplink with the Techtenna team and Helium on January 27th at 12 pm PT.


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