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Help Test Helium HIP Votes

As a way to increase community participation on HIPs (Helium Improvement Proposals) and gather feedback beyond Discord straw polls, the core developers have created a website ( as an interim solution while the community discusses on-chain voting proposals like HIP 31.

How it works:

1. Visit and select one of the open votes.

2. Each vote has a block deadline and a countdown to when the voting ends.

3. Each vote may contain two or more outcomes. Select the choice you prefer.

4. Each choice will have a unique wallet address for you to burn data credits into. A burn transaction is an on-chain transaction and costs around 35,000 DC or ~$0.35.

5. Your Vote Power is the account’s HNT balance plus staked HNT balance (if applicable) at the block deadline. The Wallet address used to submit the transaction will have its Vote Power counted toward the vote option.

6. You cannot change your vote after submitting the transaction.

7. At the block deadline, Vote Power is tabulated.

8. After the block deadline, we will flush the DCs in the choice addresses.

Example: A user has a wallet balance of 4 HNT and submits a burn transaction. Their vote power is 4. If this user earns HNT between the burn transaction and the vote deadline, increasing their balance to 5 HNT, their new vote power is 5.

This is the first attempt at an on-chain voting system and an exciting step towards decentralized governance. The votes are intended to capture community sentiment and support the current rough consensus mechanism.

We would like the community to participate in a test vote this weekend, with voting ending this Sunday Oct 17 around noon-ish PST. This will allow everyone to understand how voting works before official voting begins on HIP 39 next week.

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